Deus Sunday Mass

Deus opened on Lincoln Blvd in an old Conroys flower shop a little over three years ago. I used drive by that Conroy's flower shop every day on my way to school as a youngster. I still remember the bum that would wash my moms windows everyday after school as we waited for the light to change from red to green. I would look at him and in the background was that Conroy's flower shop. In any case, now there is a Deus Ex Machina. Which has  made a huge splash in the retail game in the past 3 years opening up stores all over the world. I rummaged through one of their stores in Milan this year, they are beloved there. However, you can't match the Venice vibes they have. Their Sunday Mass is the best. A great assortment of characters and Los Angeles creatures. Check out some of the photos Helen captured in attendance last week. 

If you don't know, Deus is a coffee shop / internet cafe / motorcycle manufacturer / clothing brand / multi brand retail outlet. Thats how I would define it, I'm sure their business plan says something slightly different.

This is the back parking lot which converts into their party space.

If you want some insight into these bikes, you've come to the wrong website. However, if you landed on this blog because you are a motorcycle enthusiasts, then I hope you enjoy these photos.

Color wise I dig this bike.

Absolute perfection! Size 14 bowling shoes?!?!?! Wow dude!

Our buddy Beau from Mollusk surf shop in Venice

The Youth