Destin Clover

Destin Clover is ridiculous in so many ways, but you gotta love him. You gotta love him for his silliness if nothing else. Embracing the numerous Venice encounters you are guaranteed to have with Destin and relishing in the vagueness of the conversation is part of what makes knowing Destin so fun. Destin has been part of the Gjelina family since day one. Destin is also an artist and a piece of art himself. Destin is here to stay whether you like it or not. And for those that encounter him regularly, I'd say like it. I often wonder if there's a twin of Destin out there, because even though I see him in Venice all the time, I like to imagine there's another carbon copy at the  Rainbow Room every night drinking whiskey and throwing his fists around like its nobody's business. Then throwing some half naked rockstar groupie on the back of his bike while he hails up his middle finger at the bar and zooms off into the night. Wake up and repeat scenario. 

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