Daily Dose

By Garrett

We are starting to get nice and accustomed to this daily downtown Los Angeles lifestyle. Since we moved in around two years ago, the area continues to blossom with so many options for food, beverage, shopping and more. One of our favorite stops is Daily Dose. A simple, yet delicious experience that is just the right amount of mysterious. I say that because of its "down the alley" location. That sort of how everything is down here. Last we week we headed down to the Daily Dose with Rachel and Helen for a little sandwich lunch and even got a candid shot of one of our friends.

"Look at the monkey," said Rachel.

Nothing like a sophisticated monkey, that's what I always say. He looks like he serves one hell of an old-fashioned.

Follow the red brick road, to find the Daily Dose.

Pretty simple menu, only about 15-20 things. All healthy and all freshly made.

Recently added some reading material.

Rachel in Dillon Pink Crystal . Rachel likes this photo because it kinda says that she's number 1.

Kale is still going strong.

Coffee and sunglasses go well together. I know when I NEED coffee, I usually have my sunglasses on.

Pesto Aioli?

There's the candid shot of our buddy Ant from Second Layer getting his daily dose on.