Conde Nast x Lincoln Motor Co.

By Garrett

Sometime in December our PR Agency reached out and said they had been approached by Lincoln Motors and Conde Nast and there was an opportunity to be featured in the April edition of Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ. Being the crazy man that I am, I figured the collaboration with Conde Nast was a great alignment, and didn't read too much into the fine details. Shortly after agreeing to do so, I received a call from the people at Lincoln for an interview about what I felt the term Center Stage meant. I quite liked the questions the lady asked to be honest, as it forced me to answer by thinking slightly outside of the box. A far cry from the typical mundane repetitive questions I receive from time to time. In any case, to that point it seemed like a pretty standard mellow feature, the only part left was the photo shoot. 

The following week the details of the shoot day arrived in my inbox, followed by a series of questions such as, "would you like a personal driver to take you to the shoot?" "the stylist will be calling you to see what kind of suits you like." The point is this was starting to shape up to not your ordinary shoot. I mean quite frankly, one year prior I was asked by Esquire to shoot a piece for "The Great Men of Los Angeles" (hah) and that was a walk in the park, this was shaping up to some serious affair. Of course, I took the experience in stride and was excited to see what this shoot was going to be like. As you might imagine, it was like nothing I had experienced before. This was the real deal, I mean, the assistants had assistants. There must have been 30 people on set, plus the full catering situation of breakfast, lunch and probably dinner. I got a haircut and beard trim before the shoot, full access to rolex watches, designer suits, I mean you name it. Completely one of the most surreal experiences I have ever had. If you're curious, and you think you have something in common with me based on various readings of mine that you can find on this site, then trust me, you don't want to be famous or an actor. That said, it was an incredible experience. One that I personally wouldn't mind from time to time, but on the daily, I can't even imagine. 

Now all that said, I do want to say that these people I worked with, from the hair stylist, to the stylist, to the set decorator, photographer and everyone in between were the most professional and talented people I have probably ever worked on a set with. This was not the first rodeo for any of these people. This was simply day 1 of a 3 day shoot. Don't worry, I was just 4 hours of one day. But anyways, I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone that made this incredible experience possible. I am so grateful and feel so LUCKY that I was chosen to be featured in this advertisement. So far I have only seen it in Vanity Fair, but apparently it is going in Details, Vogue, and two other ones I can't remember. So keep your eyes peeled for yours truly. Or just add my mom on Facebook, because she won't stop posting about it. In any case, this was quite the experience!

Special thanks to:

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Art StreiberTracy Moyer, and Kate Martindale 

This was kinda cool, I actually styled the hair stylist four years ago at my store in Venice. The Oliver Peoples Tycoon she is wearing was picked out by me. We remembered each other.

It's killing me that I cannot remember the stylist's name, but he was incredible. So good at his job it's just hard to describe. We will find his name and add it.

Had to represent with the GLCO Kinney.

I honestly can't remember anything I was wearing, that's how surreal this day was. I do remember the rolex watch. That I remember.

Enough said really, just check out the rest.

I recently learned how to smile with my eyes.