Clare V. Polaroids

By Emily

After all of the parties that we’ve been to over the years, it’s hard to differentiate when and why we were at a certain event. But at my first (and only) fashion week, some guy asked to take my picture and handed me a credit card sized instant photo. That snapshot is still on the front of my fridge and every single time I look at it I remember exactly how 2012 felt. Which is why we decided to make the leap and purchase an Instax camera for our upcoming dinner to celebrate our collaboration with accessories designer Clare Vivier.

We set it up on the front table because we don’t trust mirrors, only polaroids. Then it was our design director Elena’s job to act as the instant camera photographer throughout the night. And after looking at her snapshots, we’d like to think that we’ve captured what it felt like in Beverly Hills in the beginning of February of 2016. Now you can take a look for yourself.