Cinco de Mayo

By Tiffany

Though I've only been here for less than 2 months, I'm starting to believe that most any reason to party will result in a party here at GLCO. (Current count: 3 parties, 2 pizza lunches.)

That, or I never realized how much celebrating Cinco de Mayo was a thing. Whatever the case, one can never complain that another round of tacos is always a good thing. 

Before we get deep into the captions, let's just take a moment to give a shout out to the city of Puebla for their victory of the French in 1862. Alright, now onto the festivities:

The marketing team was in charge of heading up the party; being the ambitious team that we are, we aimed to make everything on the blackboard come true. We basically did it (though figuratively, in some cases). Not bad.

Even our pet rock was ready to celebrate. With a bottle of liquor by its side so it can do so properly, of course.

We really went all out for this party. Please note the Margarita's present in the back (Maggie Gyllenhaal, Margarita Michelena, Maggie Smith). 

Garrett cookin' up some mean meat. Sorry vegetarians.

That spread though! Lettuce, onions, cotija, and fresh, warm tortillas... we don't mess around. There's even ceviche and salsa and nachos inside. 

Pretty wiped out after cutting all those onions. Can't underestimate them onions.

Business in the front, party in the back(yard). 

The festivities included a "Pin the Day Trippers on the Spectacle," which was essentially a pin the tail on the donkey game. One thing's for sure: it was definitely a spectacle. 

Shaun ran right after being spun. Look at that speed! Really amazed he ran in the right direction. Fun fact: a loud thump proceeded as he ran straight into the wall. 

Jen Diaz pulling some dance moves during her turn. Just kidding. Though really, she was the one who pinned closest to the target. Sadly Garrett disqualified her because of a new time limit. We all know you pretty much won, though. Thumbs up.

JR kindly opening the door for Bruce so that he could continue walking in the wrong direction. 

Burro mask impromptu-ly made into a blindfold. Check out that speed blur -- Shaun was probably running at like 47mph, give or take.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo, hermanos y hermanas.