Chris Schoonover

By Tiffany

Just last week we discussed the flight of creative talent from NY to LA -- to recap, we stuck to our guns that while the West Coast is still the best coast (and increasingly so), NY wins points for its championship of the public arts.

Now I'm not going back on my word, but there is another strong case for NY: photographer Chris Schoonover. Though Chris started out shooting on Instagram as a hobby only about two years ago, his dedicated exploration of photojournalistic and editorial photography has lead him to grow quickly, earning him projects for the likes of Google, VSCO, Gap, and Refinery29. 

It's easy to see why his images pull you in: while they've been noted for observing the interaction between setting and subject, the often unexpected compositions and subject matter basically result in a can't-stop-staring quality. Schoonover's instinctual style of shooting makes for images that are instinctually magnetic to viewers: whether he's photographing a room strewn with bananas or a strikingly monochrome outfit, Chris has a way of articulating the quotidian and the immaculate with equal mystery, intrigue, and grace. When I view his photography, it's clearly evident that what you leave in a picture is just as important as what you leave out of it, and I can't help poring over every detail to piece together why the image is so successful in presenting a novel perspective.

A few of my favorites below -- there's just something about the simplicity of strong colors and shapes in the images-- something very quiet and refined, yet impactful.

Above, another NY great: Rog Walker. Below, a bit of good ol' tweed. (Hey, summer is in full swing here in LA, but we're always into some good menswear). 

Yours till the West coasts,


Chris's website / grid / insta / tumblr