Calvin Love at SXSW

By garrett

Cruised out with the crew for my first ever South x Southwest Music Festival. Special thanks to Ron Moon for many of these photos and much love to Stickelmaniac and Country Blake for helping out with some of the tasks.

SXSW is a crazy event to say the least. It's more erratic than a schizophrenic on bath salts.  Unlike Coachella, where they actually herd the patrons into a gigantic caged in lawn and have you go nuts, at SXSW you land at the airport in Austin and basically your inside the festival. There's more people participating than there were participants of Hands Across America, and they are all in one relatively small city. The upside is that the quality of music is extremely high, from some of the best up and comers to the worlds most notable musicians all playing in mostly intimate settings. The only trouble is having the energy to actually walk the walk and wait the wait to get into anything you might be remotely interested in seeing.

However, that said, we did some incredible music. Including the trips first event, our family, Calvin Love. Calvin rocked the boat to say the least. Weather was perfect at the time of his show as he rocked it out while we floated across the river that divides the south side of Austin from the North. Special thanks to Calvin for the love. Check it out below.

Shouts out to Erica Fairchild. Worlds best dressed band manager. Erica crushes it regularly.