California Girls

By garrett

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of taking my 13 year old sister and her girlfriends out to Malibu's famous first point surf break. It was nice to be a part of their weekend routine and document what the life of a westside Los Angeles teenage surfer girl is like.  I can assure you, its a lifestyle foreign to anywhere else in the world.

The Leight family surfboard collection.

Gracey had the luxury of breaking in my dad's new board.

Devon Leight rocks the Gourmet's on surf days.

Sophie, Devon, GG, Layla, & Gracey George

I kept thinking to myself, "what a great way to start your weekend. 7am jump in the ocean on a perfect California morning. You've done more by breakfast then some people do with their whole week!"

Malibu's First Point Surf Break is one of the most famous longboarding waves in the world. Which is why even at 7am there are 50 people out. But if you get a good one, you can ride a right for a solid 30 seconds.

Devon's rocks the GLCO Brooks!

This says it all really.

Paddle Out.

GG caught one overhead.

Gracey having some fun.

Shout out to Sofie, fellow goofy foot.

Layla Hanging 10.

And of course my sister Devon getting low.


Gotta give some love to the Venice Beach Zephyr Surf Team.

Original member Allan Sarlo. You can find him out this break almost every day for the last 30+ years.

I really did have a perfect Labor Day Weekend.