By Garrett

Man, these shoots just keep getting better and better from the cast and crew to the location and everything and everyone involved. He we had the great pleasure of being able to work with our old friend and stylist Vanessa Wolfe at her family's pad in Venice, bringing us back to our roots. I can't remember if it was V or someone else that told me years ago that her father was not only a great architect but brilliant when it comes to buying property. I guess many years ago he invested in a handful of properties in Venice, when everyone thought he was crazy for doing so. Guess they were wrong there. What struck me most about it was that about 5+ years ago he started buying property in Inglewood, which many people at the time that this was a bad idea. Well, wrong again. Especially after the announcement of the Los Angeles Rams, I heard property doubled over night. Inglewood the new Venice? I think so!

Anyway, what's more important is the shoot here. Once again our man Nicholas Maggio killed it. He's the photographer in case you were wondering.

Rachel hiding, I can tell by the glasses.

Keeping it classic with the whites and denim.

Julie Moon assisting with the steaming.

Vanessa Wolfe on the wardrobe.

Turned out one of Maggio's assistants, Chad, was perfect for the shoot, especially the Couer d'Alene frame, that look was right up his alley. We grabbed him and got some great shots out of it…dude on the right.

That's not what I think when I wake up, but I can appreciate this sentiment for sure.

Some BTS Instagram shots for my @misterleight handle.

Elena the frame guru on set holding it down.

The Venice homie @mattcbauer did a killer job for us.


Spring/Summer 15 New Arrivals are here, guys!

Kyra in the new Hampton color Whiskey Tortoise.

Milwood's coming in a new size with new clip colors!

Mr. Maggio.

Julie in Wilson, in mode.

Elena and her Canon.

Robbie the Juice Man!

Inside the beautiful Erlich estate which is filled with art from some of Venice's most important artists.

Shout out to Francesca from @frankiesbikinis

Spur of the moment Chad killing it!

A successful shoot and that's a wrap. Hope you enjoyed some behind the scenes.