Bones + Feathers

By Emily

We might be biased towards California-based accessories designers, but Bones + Feathers Collective is definitely one to keep an eye on. Friends turned business partners Natalie Mauro and Cole Morrall have created a jewelry line that seamlessly blends macabre design elements (think snake vertebrate and rabbit spines) with luxury, high-end materials. Their collection is kind of inspired by your sophomore year science dissection, but with a much more wearable, fashion-forward vibe. Even Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth can consider themselves fans. In 2010 they relocated from New York City to Los Angeles where their brand developed from fresh floral headbands to their current offerings of rings, necklaces, collars, etc. Now it's in no way a coincidence that these pieces pair perfectly with our frames. Crafted in downtown Los Angeles, California's heart and soul is deeply embedded into this duo's style. Scroll through our Q&A to learn more about what these classy ladies are inspired by, how Los Angeles has influenced their brand and where you can find their ideal taco. 

What made you decide to relocate from NYC to LA?

Natalie: Weather and my brother was living out here at the time. I needed a break from the city, but then never left. 

Cole: Weather! Being from Hawaii I couldn't take the cold anymore. 

How has LA inspired your collection?

Natalie: LA has a huge impact on all of our designs. Everything is heavily inspired by nature: colors, shapes, and textures and LA definitely feeds that. There is also something to be said about the lifestyle LA offers; we want out pieces to be as diverse as that: wearable on the beach or out in the city.

Favorite bar/late night hangout in LA?

Natalie: I like Bar Stella or Covell for wine with friends...I've also been finding myself at Ye Rustic Inn way more than I'd like to admit. 

Cole: Hinanos for beer and the dirtiest burgers or Chez Jay for covert hang outs. 

What’s your favorite scary movie?

Natalie: I don't really watch a lot of scary movies. I'm more into true crime shows and shows about serial killers. That's what really scares me and feeds my paranoia.

Cole: I'm with Nat. Unless you count American Psycho and Blue Velvet as scary movies, those do it for me.

Where can we find the best taco in LA?

Natalie: Guisados in Echo Park. 

Cole: Oscars or the taco truck on Rose.

These stackable rings are prefect for those that can't fit jewelry over their knuckles (guilty). 

Natalie is pictured in our Brooks optical frame with the antique gold clip attached. 

The pink crystal Milwood + clip combo blends in perfectly with this vertebrate necklace modeled by Cole. 

Natalie is sporting the Wilson while Cole has taken a liking to our Milwood frame and clip pairing.