Blurred Vision: Paris & New York

By garrett

Hard to believe 11 days ago I was in Munich. Since then I've been to Austria, Paris, Los Angeles & New York. Thus the title of this blog, you can understand how the vision is starting to get blurred. Looking forward to touching down in Los Angeles tomorrow, I'm going to kiss the ground!

Take a look at some of the highlights of the last week in Paris and New York.

Paris was actually less than 48 hours. But, was able to fit in a dinner with Peskowitz, a lunch with Amelie, shopping, and a fair amount of meetings with the team.

By the way, I later saw Amelie's shoes in Dover Street Market's new store in New York. Impressive AP, congrats!!

Rainy Dayz in the Marais.

I think we inspired the art direction of this great restaurant that Amelie took us to. GLCO everywhere.

Tables, couches, floors, wallpaper, menu, spoons, everything.

I actually fit two Joe's sessions in while in New York. Joe's Pizza makes me so happy. But only in NYC. Not the LA ones.

Unbelievable freezing in New York. New York, you won, completely defeated me. I am so ready to go home now.

Jenny Goods holding it down at Capsule as always.

Always a pleasure to see Lindsay Paarton from Apollis and Storefront and all the other amazing things that her and her husband do, holding it down for Los Angeles.

Honestly, its colder than it looks.

Lightning Bolt family from Venice Beach, Drew Lumsden and Jonathan Paskowitz.

Special thanks to Capsule for the good location right in the front as always.

Shouts out to one of our biggest and best supporters Sean Risley. Find a way to follow his adventurous life of travels, tattoos and Opening Ceremonies. He really is the man. Shown here with shoes on.