Birthday In Japan: Getting Dirty for 30

By garrett

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am not a big fan of my birthday. Even though this year was what many people call a "big birthday," I didn't really have any intention of celebrating it. In fact, per chance I had to be in Asia over my birthday and I was ecstatic about it, because I knew I wouldn't have to plan anything or do anything back home.  However, my sneaky little friend Kohei in Tokyo, planned what turned out to be a perfect night out on my 30th and I had no idea.  Other than the fact that I have friends on the other side of the planet that want to celebrate my birthday to the fullest, the simplicity and ease that was my 30th birthday was perfection. Check out the photos from a pretty epic night of food, birthday cake, and karaoke.

This is Yuta and his friend, but I don't remember her name, her shirt said Fashion is Fake, I remember that.

They gave me socks for my birthday and I think Elena thought they were weird socks? Or she was just confused on how they were twice the size of her head.

Ron made friends with a very odd human being, in any language. In fact, he gave me Japanese condoms for my birthday, thanks dude.

First up was a huge dinner of a type of Japanese food I've never had before that was a perfect venue for a birthday. Cheap, good, and quick with plenty of seating space.

Slowly but surely, Ron and his new friend grew closer throughout the night as communicating in different languages got harder, yet their bond grew stronger.

Aki, was actually my first friend in Japan and helped me translate when I first went to Japan 5 years ago. Crazy story is, he actually sold my collection for me to one of the best stores in Tokyo named Blinc, and managed that account for the first year. Now he is the store manager at Blinc. Pretty awesome.

This is what I couldn't believe, Kohei tricked me. I really wanted to go bowling or to karaoke after dinner, but Kohei was insisting that we stop at this one bar/restaurant. I wasn't sure why, but of course went with the flow. Sneaky bastard had a cake waiting for me.

So, like a true champion, I shoved my face in it. My annoying uncle Ralph used to shove my face into my birthday cake when I was I like 5 years old in front of all my friends and family…holy shit…epiphany…thats probably why I hate birthdays. Haha. Either way, I decided to shove my own face in this time.

And chase it with a shot of tequila. The things we do when drinking tequila.

However, since it was Japan, there was a warm towel waiting right there for me when I was done being an idiot, and instant face cleaning occurred.

This is Aki and my man Gompei on the right who wears Rialto in Champagne, looks so good on him!

Oh man…I'm speechless.

Thanks again Kohei! You absolutely crushed it.

Obviously so much so that you decided to put your face in the cake too, I guess we helped a little.

But you didn't have to leave it in there for 3 minutes. Oh, Japan.

Homeboy wants something.

So much tequila that I had to stack it.

Of course a Jim Jarmusch classic is on. One of my favorites of all time, I could watch the Wu-Tang and Bill Murray piece every day for the rest of my life and it would never ever get old.

Actually very true.

Then it was time for Karoake with the Japanese Christopher Walken.

You see Christopher Walken creeping back there. Elena said she saw him slamming pills and tequila in the back room by himself from time to time. Incredible.

Somehow Ron found a blue wig and this is when things started to get weird.

So weird that I had to pull the mic out of his hand and ghost face out of there. Thats the standard move that I do, when I'm too drunk it's time to disappear. But, Ron reminded me, I wasn't on my territory and some thank you's were in order. So we said our good byes to the homie from the far east and kept it moving. Let me tell yah, I felt great the next morning, good thing I had to work.

Special Thanks to everyone that made my 30th birthday possible. Was an absolute blast and I wish I could do it all over again.