April B'days

By Tiffany

BACK AT IT AGAIN with the bdays.

Super important this month because it's Elena & Garrett's b'days. Kayla hooked us up with a sweet pineapple cake, which just looked pineapple-y but was actually a fudge brownie cake. Super sweet to say the least. 

But first, tacos. Featuring special guest Mark Gainor. Courtney's at the lower right, movin' in fast on those tacos.

Guisado's. You've probably heard about their tacos. If you hadn't, now you have.

QUIZ SESH. Super hard. Like super super hard. For example: 

"What are your favorite holidays? 
-Good Friday, Christmas, and Easter
-Good Friday, Christmas, and Hanukkah
-Labor Day, Memorial Day, and 4th of July
-Labor Day, Memorial Day, and Columbus Day"

Mind you there's only supposed to be two answers. Yeah, this was impossible. 

Da rroll

The look on Karena's face tells you just how hard this was. 

Some ladies of GLCO. Probably giggling because Garrett's favorite cheese is "Frumunda Cheese. No explanation needed."

Sidenote: Justin from our Amsterdam office was in town! Yo yo yo

Charisse & Justin: shoe twinsies. Justin obviously BACK AT IT (in America) WITH THE VANS. 

Garrett enlightening us with the answers. Fun fact: Kendall is Elena & Garrett's favorite Kardashian.

The aforementioned cake, with candles that won't go out. Elena used her fingers to put 'em out, hence Jennie's look of surprise. 

Lastly, Shaun modeling his Glenfiddich win. Person with the most correct answers & person with the least correct answers won. At least we all know Shaun will put this to good use. 

** HBD ** (coincidentally Garrett's favorite compliment.)

'Til next time, y'all.