Apres Ski in St. Anton, Austria

By garrett

For the first time on one of my Europe trips I actually took two days of "non-work" and got up to the mountains with a bunch other fellow optical heads. Directly after the show ended on Sunday night, we packed up the cars and headed to St. Anton in Austria.


The weather was beautiful. Not perfect for boarding, but beautiful clear skies.

On the left is our German rep Markus and the designer of Dita/Thom Browne  eyewear Jeff Solorio.

This is Claas Witzel from Specs Berlin. One of our first accounts we ever opened, and clearly the most talented snowboarder of the bunch.

This maniac is named Romain. Don't let the beard fool you, he's as nuts as he looks.

Another one of my first accounts, Akram from Klar in Darmstadt, Germany.

Definitely not fresh powder on monday, lots of manmade snowed turned ice.

The crew getting ready to charge.

I am definitely a beginner. I was exhausted near the bottom of the hill.

Once I lost the crew, I decided to end my active day and begin my Apres-Ski by getting a beer on the mountain. My body is still hurting all over.

St. Anton is well known for being one of the craziest party towns in the winter in all of Europe. Around 4pm everyone ends their day and starts partying at a bar/club that is about halfway up the mountain. You have to see this to believe it, its like something out of a movie. I walk up to the place and theres 100's of people dancing on tables outside, packed inside, and loud german techno shattering the speakers. Unreal.

Things got weird from here on out.

"Look at that guy taking a picture of us up there, everyone point and look."

Apparently this DJ is a legend. He is here everyday for the last 30 years. Keep in mind this was a monday. This place is like this everyday, completely packed. I can't even imagine a weekend.

Romain said the wrong thing to me and told me that because he was french he could beat me at anything. Being the competitive american that I am, a game of quarters ensued. Technically we all lost, some of us more than others. But in the end I made it and gave it to Romain twice to drink, and he only made it for me once, so I prevailed.

That's Shane Baum of Baumvision and Leisure Society in the orange back there in the photo below. I didn't get to board with him, but word is he really rips and that wouldn't surprise me in the least.

This is the craziest part about the whole thing.  So, after drinking for four hours (they shut the club completely down at 8pm), everyone ski's down the mountain in the dark, wasted out of their minds. I of course, took a taxi, but I was the only one. Well, I guess you could say Michael took a taxi, but he was thrown in one while he was basically sleeping, or passed out.

Shane and the designer of Orgreen have a tradition that every year they both sit one board and slide down the mountain together. He said he'd send me a video of it. He swears last year he thought he was going to die.

Does that guy look ready to board down a huge mountain drunk or what?

Of course the morning I left it started coming down.  Some of the guys got fresh powder.

This hotel is amazing. If for any reason you are in St. Antoner, stay here.

Good bye and off to Paris.

There was one sticker in the entire pristine train station and of course it was a reminder of California. Shouts out to Humboldt, California. Well done.