By Emily

When California gets its yearly weeklong period of seasonal gloom, one’s mind starts to drift other places. We’re spoiled over here on the West Coast with our palm trees and endless sandy beaches. At any hint of seasonal change the locals preach revolt. Even if you grew up in the Midwest you could be more accustomed to varying weather conditions than Southern Californians. But snow can get just as old as sun and in that same vein, do you think that Parisians ever get sick of their weather? Springtime in Paris is on a short list of things that the world can tend to over-romanticize. But it’s only until you experience it as a foreigner that you can soak in the sudden cultural change with no shame and enjoy it with a nerdy, childlike sense of wonder. 

To be honest, Paris feels like that one exception. You stare at every picture of the Eiffel tower and it still won’t prepare you for what you’ll experience that first time you go. The locals are their own story. Parisian style is hard to define. Their love of classic designs features a finish that’s purposeful, yet effortless. Drawing from similar experiences in LA, people who look like that often have a team of 5 or 6 that follow them around constantly primping and polishing as they go. Bed head? Probably started by one Parisian who didn’t run a comb through their hair one morning and it sparked a beauty revolution. Take Annemara for example. This beauty might be from the Netherlands, but send her to the morning market on a cobblestone road in a pleated chiffon palazzo pant and you get instant French girl envy. 

In the meantime, it’s interesting to see our Venice, California perspective translated into French style. Call us chameleons, but every country that we sell in takes their own spin on our styles. From Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City to the historic streets of Amsterdam and Paris, GLCO is slowly (but surely) sharing our unique perspective with the world. Before they know it, we’ll be old friends with the Parisians. Consider us on an extended vacation.