By Garrett

I've been to Amsterdam twice before and I honestly have never connected with the city the way I did this time. When you're young, Amsterdam really gets a bad or weird rap centered around the drugs and women. I often hear it referred to as the Vegas of Europe. But honestly I guess that depends on the circles you run in because Amsterdam is arguably one of the most beautiful major cities Europe has to offer. This time I heard it referred to as the Venice of the north, which I like a lot more. Especially coming from the Venice of the West...

Even though the sky was full of clouds upon landing we were blessed with an incredible sunrise, which made the 6:30am flight totally worth it. Just as we were coming in for the landing the clouds parted and the sun peaked up out of the horizon. 

I almost had this exact shot with birds flying through the air, that would have maybe taken it to the next level?

Went to this spot with a bunch of art sponsored by Foam magazine. I especially connected with this. 

How could I not love Amsterdam, I am such a water person, how could I not love Netherlands for that reason? It's a country basically surrounded by water but perfectly funneled throughout.

We were so lucky as well, the weather was basically perfect. Around 42+ degrees every day, even the sun made an appearance on two days. Which considering it's the middle of January, I think that's a blessing. 

It did rain hard one night when we were walking to dinner, I'm not gonna lie, that was not fun.

I was sitting in my room and saw Garrett Leight Hampton in a Dutch movie.

I definitely want to come back in the summer and hit up the canals.

Shout out to Tommy Hilfiger for the office based right in the heart of the city. Truly a wow. Not sure how relevant they are in the states, but they are definitely killing it over there.

Arguably Amsterdam has a bike problem. You have to navigate the city in a whole different way from anywhere else I've been. Theya re coming from every direction at all times. You can't day dream for a second or you'll get knocked out. Amsterdam doesn't get enough credit for it's traffic because it's all bile traffic.

And you can't really beat this, right?

The LA Homie Justin Steinhardt was in town for a weekend vacation. Always great to hang with JS, great spirit. He doesn't know if he should buy flower seeds or weed seeds.

Someone told me that Netherlands has the best horticulture scene going. Sounds good, take me to the tulip fields.

JS pointed out the beans & bagels sign, which felt like a shout out to me. Mexican Jew ya know.