New Digs in Europe

By Justin & TIffany

It all started with this photo:

What is this photo? you may ask. It's a recent photo of us completing our very first invoice & ship order. What do you mean? you may ask. You've been around for five years! Well. ACTUALLY. This is the first invoice & ship office from our new AMSTERDAM OFFFFFIIIIIIICEEEEEEEE *airhorns go wild*

Damn. How did it all happen? How did all that GLCO knowledge, culture, and sheer optical prowess-ness transfer overseas? Our EMEA Director of Operations Justin Steinhardt graciously tells all:

Here, Mario Chaves, our European Logistics Team Lead, started his training in LA, learning just how hot the hot boxes used to adjust the frames are. There's a pun about meltowns here.

Goodbyes in LA – Mario and Shaun taught us well, now we're ready to teach. 

Day 1 at new Amsterdam office, enjoying the view.

The nice view from my window. Note the bird casually floating on trash. There's a pun about trash talking here.

Construction begins. Dutch people (Mario) like KLM airplane mechanic overalls when getting dirty.  

Logistics tradeshow in Utrecht. When shopping together, Justin says no to buying big vehicles. ...And Mario winds up in a private awards ceremony reception for Logistics Manager of the year. Goals.

Now, building warehouse shelves. Safety first.
Commentary from Tiff: peep those vans. Proof that you can take a Californian outta California, but you can't take the California outta the Californian. Also, isn't it freezing in Amsterdam right now? Aren't you cold?????

Rewiring electricity for customer service. Mario does it all in those KLM overalls.

Emanuel, our first warehouse employee, comes early and helps us renovate.

All done! Looking great.

Gaelle a lil tired.

Garrett visits and chills and soaks it all in in the lounge chairs.

Below, priorities after fridge setup.

Mario, Emanuel, and Deena unpacking our first shipment of glasses.

Celebrating after a trunk show Utrecht @ Hall of Frame.

Elena visits. Obligatory duck feeding session goes down.

Shaun straight TRAININ' out here. Also featured: Camiel, third warehouse employee.


And to wrap it up, here's Mario teaching Shaun the meaning of carpooling in Ams. Now all we need is a company trip for everyone to fly out to Amsterdam. I mean, "carpooling" will offset some costs, right?