Amber Kekich

By Garret

A few years ago, the talented Venice local-Colorado transplant, Amber Kekich-Purling created a blog, and then she created her brand, Again. Meshing this beautiful lifestyle that lives inside Amber's mind with her vision for what that lifestyle looks like interpreted into a full ready to wear collection, her brand was born. Like many, Amber has moved her business headquarters downtown, while residing in Venice.

Amber launched her first collection in the Fall of 2011, utilizing distinctive trends from the past and translating them into chic interpretations of the present. Thus, focusing on modernizing and revamping iconic shapes from the past and making them simple and wearable pieces. 

We visited the girls in their downtown studio to see what's cooking over at Again.

There's no lack of personality in Amber's brand or lifestyle, as you can see below.

Go check out her collection online by clicking, HERE. 

Eleanor, Amber, and Courtney run the whole show from sales to design to marketing. 

They have the same shoes on….I wonder if they make them?