Aluminum Hustle

By Angie

The great thing about traveling is the unknown. You will never really be able to know or imagine the experience you’ll have and the people you’ll meet until the day you actually arrive at that new place. That turned out to be very true when I took my first visit to the New Orleans; everything about Nola resonated in my soul – the city, the food, the people are amazing. 

Meet Sara Goehner, a freelance art director, animator, and illustrator, and Dillon Spranley, a jewelry designer and hair designer from Nola. Artists and adventurers, they are charming, funny, warm, and charismatic – the kind of people I just knew I would adore forever. I could not wait to see what their future had in store for them. When I found out they were moving to Chicago I was so excited for them but nothing could prepare me for their most current adventure: traveling the United States in an Airstream.

I know that people have done this before but what make this a truly inspiring journey is what they are doing besides just living their dream. They’re sharing their journey with the world so that anyone and everyone can take the ride with them. They saved, came up with a plan, bought a 1987 Airstream Limited, and have been restoring it themselves from sunny California. Every surface, cushion, and wall is uniquely them. They have rewired, learned about plumbing, cleaned, scraped, installed, and created a space that suit them and their hearts’ desire. They have shot pictures every step of the way and once they are on the road it will be no different.

Check out their Aluminum Hustle accounts to keep current on their stops around the country. Watching them continues to inspire me to go for what I want in life and tell myself what is possible rather than what isn’t. The open road, the road ahead; you have no idea who you’ll meet and who will make a difference in your life. That is the real beauty of what they are doing – they are living their dream and who knows what amazing things will come from it!

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