A. Kinney Court

By Garrett

Crazy times at my shop in Venice this week. Fully renovating the store for our five year anniversary which happens to be November 6th. The same night GLCO is throwing our fall holiday party at the SmogShoppe. Anyway, AKC has been completely closed this week for renovation, and I'm actually writing this blog in the 90 seconds I'm in between meetings before I run back to the westside to move stuff around and organize all night.

So long story short, AKC is re-opening this Saturday with a completely new vibe. Except it appears it will only be 90% done by Saturday. Will still need to paint the roof on Monday and probably a few other things, wires and stuff, ya know.

As for the photos below, we are launching an A. Kinney Court online experience finally. Featuring rad content most importantly, as well as products from our favorite people, specifically focusing on local Los Angeles brands, but of course some of our favorite friends from around the world like Mark McNairy and Amélie Pichard. As well as vintage Oliver Peoples frames, custom GLCO frames, and a variety of other items, back packs, hand bags, art, music, books. Here's a little behind the scenes from last week's shoot.

Garrett Leight  sunglasses on the right