A. Kinney Court 4 Year Anniversary

By garrett

Hard to believe that four years ago today we opened the doors of our first retail store on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, Ca. I'll never forget that time in my life, everything was so different, but really nothing was different at all. I recently saw a post somewhere that read "It doesn't get easier, you just get better." That really resonated with me. Life is really just your minds perception of things. The better you get the more in depth your mind is able to think, understand, and process. The only real difference between then and now is that I have more experience, and I am able to understand and communicate the values that have always been inside me.

Anniversary's, for me, are always an opportunity to reflect. It's really the only time I like to look backwards. We've been fortunate to meet a lot of great people along the way and certainly have some lasting memories and new found friendships from our little home on Abbot Kinney.  Although Venice is where I am originally from, I never felt as connected to a lifestyle and a community of people as I do now.  Thats most likely because Venice was a different place when I was a kid, some would argue a better place, but I wasn't allowed to stray to far from home for safety reasons, at least that's what I was told. In any case, I belive the essence of Venice still exists. And whether or not a new breed of people have come, and maybe a certain breed of people have left, the spirit of Venice is within people.  And I can still feel that spirit heavily.

So before I get too carried away, today I want to spend a special thank you on behalf of A. Kinney Court, to all the people who have been here for the ride. Whether customers, friends, family, followers, whatever. From the courtyard parties to regular every day Abbot Kinney stories, no memories are lost. Every encounter has meant something to us in some way. We started A. Kinney Court because it was as simple as us wanting to offer the service of optics to a community that didn't have that service. To this day we pride ourselves in that and we hope to continue servicing you for years to come. Thank you a billion times over. Without you, there is no reason for us.

Many people have been asking me, why the big deal for a four year anniversary and not wait until five year. I think its a totally valid question that has a real answer. We recently received the news that we will be getting our the back half of our store back. Originally it was planned for October 1st, but due to unforeseen circumstances it was pushed to February 1st. In any case, along with that news came a longer term lease than we've ever had. No need to get into details, just wanting to share that the sense of security combined with the opportunity to carry out what our original vision was for A. Kinney Court in its entire original space, which connects to one of the most beautiful courtyards on Abbot Kinney is a great feeling. Those of you that know our history from the beginning, know what I am talking about, and those of you that are new to us and have never seen, we hope to share the journey with you over time on this blog. Don't get your hopes up yet however,  there are no promises of anything anytime soon.  It is just a dream that some of us who occupy the property share. We just thought it would be a great time to celebrate the turning over of a new leaf (is that a phrase, I'm not good at phrases).

We hope that you are able to join us for this celebration next Friday, November 15th in the courtyard of A. Kinney Court. The event will be catered by everyone's favorite taco truck, La Isla Bonita as well the event will be limited to 100 special gift bags and most importantly a custom art installation by Tofer Chin inside A. Kinney Court. As well a special thank you to Heineken & Scribe Winery for providing the drinks and Dj Heidi for providing the tunes. And of course, we can't forget the launch of our second issue of Spectacle Magazine featuring some of our favorite locals and their lifestyle.

Make sure to RSVP at rsvp@garrettleight.com and/or go to the event page on Facebook and confirm your attendance. We hope to see you there!