New Metals

New Metals

WORDS: GLCO Optician Ryan Ford

"Spring is nature’s way of saying, 'Let’s party.'" - Robin Williams

Time to hang up the furs and stow away the boots. Dust off the floral prints and Birkies and get started on that base tan; Spring is swinging and not a day too soon. What better way to welcome that new coat of freckles than with GLCO’s new collection of lightweight metal weekend warriors. Inspired by the permasummer of Playa del Rey, our Spring 2018 Collection features classic and familiar silhouettes in pop colorways with electric acetate combinations. Whether your vibe is minimalist and refined or bold and splashy, our new metals will keep the new sunshine shaded in style.

Playa: With newly designed sculpted temples and bridge piece, Playa is a stand out from every angle. With a true circular shape and acetate inserts it oozes bold modernity. I really can’t speak enough about how comfortable these beauties are. Offered in an impressive palette of colors, the standouts are undoubtedly blonde-gold and pink crystal-rose gold, proving once again that glam and bold doesn’t need to be gaudy.

Convoy: This ain’t your dad’s aviator. Pairing sharp geometry with a vintagesque crystal brow bar, Convoy belongs to the boys of summer. Weighing in at a hefty 56 eye size, its oversized silhouette nods to 80s classics while maintaining an effortless and understated feel.

Talbert: Talbert is a reimagining of the classic horn rim of the American 50s and 60s. Full metal construction, acetate brow accents, and masculine form. Offered in rich though understated combos with Black/Gold being the stand out.

Beaumont: The first GLCO frame to feature a drill mounted construction, Beaumont is a stunning homage to mid-century detailing. A fine metal rim suspends pop color lenses in fashion hues of shooter yellow and cherry bomb. Or you can opt for the ultra classic gold and G15 combo as you throw a leg over your vintage Triumph and ride off into the sunset.

Tuscany: Internally called the “Square Valencia,” Tuscany is one of my all-time favorites. Minimalist construction in generous proportions makes this signature silhouette a star, and a large lens mounted in simple housing makes this style ripe for dazzling custom lenses. Equal parts modern and vintage, Tuscany can be styled flirty and retro in rose dove/cherry bomb, or sleek and chic in full black.

Culver: There’s something timeless about an aviator. It’s been canonized as the daily carry of fashion elite and our silver screen heroes. But not all are created equal—enter Culver. Say goodbye to teardrops that overwhelm your face. Culver delivers the same proportions you want but with tailored and thoughtfully spaced dimensions. Top it off with gorgeous semi-flat mineral glass lenses and you’ll never wear a Top Gun again.

Manchester and Pershing: Fraternal twins Manchester and Pershing bring a new flavor to the GLCO lineup with semi-rimless silhouettes. Pershing features a inviting yet sophisticated butterfly shape, while Manchester offers a smaller true round with accented acetate temples. While rimless will always feel more refined, I always find it fun to juxtapose it against casual dress; a perfect pairing for those who want to stand out.

Last, but certainly not least, Linnie is back by popular demand. This classic optical style is a smaller aviator silhouette, with a coin-edge filigree detail. This spring, we’ve re-released it in two new all-metal finishes with acetate temples in complementary tones.