The Lag

The Lag

Who's that lurking in the distance? It's Sam and she's got the lag REAL BAD. During my psychological unwinding due to jet lag while studying in London this Summer, I made a little film about Sam's psychological unwinding due to jet lag, and here it is just in time for Halloween.

"The Lag" was shot at London's RADA dorms in the wee hours of the night, using only the iPhone 6 and help from my classmates. This short also features an original score from the Venice legend The Norythmics. Oh and don't forget, whatever you do, DON'T GO SEE HER LASER!

THE LAG from Sam Fox on Vimeo.


Director, Writer, Producer: Sam Fox
Photos: Joshua Spencer
Director of Photography: Tatienne Hendricks-Tellefson
Editor: Stephen Shirk
Original score: Harvey B, Norythmics


Sam Fox as Sam
Bridget Painter as Bridget
Marykate Elizabeth as Phoebe
Dean Carlson as DCI Morris