GLCO Catalog

Spring/Summer 2015

"Spring and Summer are two seasons that Angelenos know far too well. Some would even argue that it's always Spring and Summer in Los Angeles. Be it truth or a matter of opinion, because we are Angelenos, it's never a challenge for us to find inspiration for our Spring Summer collection. We relish in the opportunity to add a splash of color to our collection, like looters at a peace rally or ants at a picnic. When you're surrounded by the colors of California, designing a Spring Summer eyewear collection is basically trading, it goes together like Jack and his beanstalk.

To bring this collection to life we tried to imagine our oasis and the colors that make up that magical place that we escape to. The result was our most vibrantly colored and styled season to date. Sprinkled with soft hues of green, yellow, and red more reminiscent of mint, lemon, and cottony candy, this collection is a GLCO fairy tale turned reality. Like wizards from the underbelly of California, we stripped down some of our most favorite GLCO frames and with wand-like optical tools we created original and timeless designs out of thin air. So without further ado, turn the page and step into our wonderland."
–Garrett Leight

Footage & Editing: Andrew Scott
Photography: Nicholas Maggio
Music: Gap Dream – Fantastic Sam
Featuring: Matt, Robbie, Chad, Faith, Francesca, Kyra
Collection: Spring/Summer 2015