Spring/Summer 2011 – The Denizens

The Denizens

Spring/Summer 2011

In the Fall of 2010 we gathered a group of our friends from the neighboring restaurant, Gjelina, and put together our first catalogue shoot. Calling on our good friend Josh Spencer, we showed up at Gjelina at 8am and just started shooting as our friends, Gjelina employees, set up the restaurant. This was before a single GLCO frame had ever been sold, before I had gone on my first sales or PR trip, this is pre-everything, except A. Kinney Court of course. To this day this is one of the most memorable moments in GLCO history. It's impossible to fabricate something as real as this shoot was, and the result was priceless. Printed on 11 x 14 newspaper at a random super old school print house deep in the valley, with little to no words, just a clean photo layout. Here's a little behind the scenes video that we dug from way out of the archives, along with some photos of the glorious sun filled Fall morning in Venice Beach, California. A special thank you to my uncle Dennis Leight for coming out that day and capturing some of this footage and putting together a fun little 'no-budget" piece. Proof that passion produces the greatest results.

Film By: Dennis Leight
Photos By: Josh Spencer
Featuring: Ceara McAuliffe, Helen Nishimura, Dom DeRouen, Spencer Falls, Sean Ward, Joe Lemieux, Stephanie Johnson, Ruby Corley, Sita Young, & Oscar Lusth.
Styling: Helen Nishimura
Hair & Makeup: Victoria Aaron
Location: Gjelina - Venice, Ca.

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