Tracy Wilkinson


Tracy Wilkinson

Words: Olivia Purnell
Photos: Curtis Buchanan

Tracy has a seventies vibe. Her ceramic pots laced with latticed basketry have the softness of Sofia Coppola’s adaptation of The Virgin Suicides: the muted color palette, the back lit tones, dandelion wisps and runaway baby hairs. There’s a levity to her pieces even though she’s working in clay, wood, and reeds.

Originally from a rural Yorkshire town, Tracy studied fashion design at The Royal College of Art in London before transitioning to an NYC career in fashion design. But the grind of corporate fashion, its breakneck work pace and regimented demands weren’t for her. “I realized that the creative freedom was lost,” she says. I still loved design, I just shifted that love.”

Tracy bought a house on the outskirts of LA in Mount Washington and started designing for her new environment. She needed a couch so she took a woodworking class and made one. It’s in her living room now. She saw a hanging plant pulley and pot system in the home of artist Sam Maloof, and decided to create her own. “If you want to make something, just make it,” Tracy says, like it’s all so simple. “Just give it a go.”

Now she spends her days inside her beautiful red brick and cinder home, a space that feels like a Joni Mitchell song, overlooking rolling hills and California succulents, focused on doing work connected to her and her space, perpetually giving it a go.