The Unlikely Florist

Words: Spencer Falls
Photos: Mike Selsky

Simplicity is the law of nature for man, as well as flowers.

Orchardist’s son turned snowboarder, turned lobster fisherman, turned waiter, turned actor – enter the Unlikely Florist.

Flowers may well be the most positive entities that exist. Huge statement, I know, but really. They are one of the seven zen arts and in the short time I've been arranging and selling flowers I'm yet to meet an unhappy customer. Everyone comes to me with positive intentions: to say thank you, congratulations, I'm sorry, forgive me...and it works.

Untho's Fiores, as it was called in the beginning, was born out of a creative power I'd never experienced before. Put together a rather unfulfilled creative mind, a need for some cash, a VW van and the commitment to explore a new medium and there you have it: Untho's Fiores and the Unlikely Florist.

Creative power is, to me, a buzzy concept. I think I was subliminally introduced to it as a child by my mother, a mixed media artist with a fine art background who treated our home as if it were a canvas, literally. Half the house is turquoise, the other half a sunflower yellow. We had Hockneyesque squiggles on the bottom of our swimming pool and curvy organic walls painted a burnt red and deep purple.

In true adolescent fashion I resisted the opportunities to really explore my creative urges and instead spent my days on the rugby field or daydreaming of dropping off cliffs on my snowboard into dick deep powder in some unknown territory like Washington State. Those days soon came and soon went and that’s when I found myself in Venice Beach pursuing a creative lifestyle with acting at its core.

I slotted into Venice at what some would say was a golden age. Gjelina was already in full effect, GLCO was launching its first line. The house parties were fast and loose and Stronghold was providing the sickest live music environment I'd ever experienced and will likely ever. I'll actually take this moment to thank all involved because those days were unforgettable.

Seven years later it's obvious a few things have changed. But change isn't bad. In fact I pursue change, progress, and a primal desire to not allow things to get monotonous and redundant. Flowers are brand new to me, and I feel fortunate to be creative every day in the progression and growth of floral art and the flower business.

Over the last few months I've learned so much about flowers, their origins, which ones I like and why I like them and which work best under my very specific circumstances. Flowers are usually kept refrigerated right up to the point of sale, but when you sell them from a VW van your flowers are struggling for AC, let alone a refrigerator. But that's not a problem, not when you sell South African natives like Proteas and Banksias paired with Safari Sunset. Eucalyptus, Blue Thistle, a stem or two of Blushing Bride and Celosia love the unusual selling conditions too.

All of this translates well in one’s home as well. You can ask any of my clients and they will honestly tell you that even after a week or two the flowers are still doing their thing.

I'm the unlikely florist with the unusual flowers and a self-proclaimed uncanny ability to sell out. So don't be late. We’re located outside Gjelina every Saturday morning at 10.

Spenny Mother Fuckin' Flowers


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