Spencer Nikosey

Spencer Nikosey

Words: Garrett Leight
Photos: Joshua Spencer

Spencer Nikosey, 35
Occupation: Founded Killspencer Leather Goods
Made in California
Hometown: Bell Canyon, California
Residence: Echo Park, California
Handicap: 10
Home Course: Scholl Canyon Municipal

Spencer Nikosey is a true American creative artist, entrepreneur, and craftsman who uses his hands to make his living and to swing his golf club righty and putt it lefty. If you think about that, it’s strength and precision operating at the highest scientific level. Spencer founded his company, Killspencer, in 2009 and specializes in hand crafted genuine leather, usually in his favorite color black. He is a deeply inspired and driven human who does things his way, the right way. While function, utility, quality, and style have always played a role in Spencer’s vision and ultimately products, it’s the hint of sport that has always kept me coming back. I love playing golf with him because he takes the game seriously, he doesn’t quit, he doesn’t drink on the course (from what I’ve seen), and he absolutely loves the game. If you’ve followed Spencer for any period of time, you can see something similar forming with him and I, where passion literally consumes us. If the golf world is lucky, it seems there are some quality leather goods Made in America headed its way.

Who introduced you to golf?

Actually I first went to a country club with my Grandfather, but it was more of a family thing. As I got older I played with my friends in jr high at Westlake Golf Course and we would mob around walking the course cause we couldn’t drive carts. I also played in high-school to get out of class, but I didn’t take it that seriously because I was heavily into creating art and and playing music at that time of my life.

Describe your golf style…

I think my golf attire is similar to my running attire. Everything is extremely lightweight and all black. I’m a minimalist and modest. Not flashy.

What is your greatest personal victory on a golf course?

Got closest to the pin and 3rd place in my first ever golf tournament which made me want to focus on getting better. I’ve gotten a few eagles, one of which was a 40 foot putt to win a bunch of $$$ from my friend Mark who is super competitive. That made my week.

George Carlin said golf is an arrogant, elitist, meaningless, and mindless activity engaged in by white, well-to-do male businessmen who use the game to get together to carve this country up a little finer amongst themselves…

I bet he’s pissed ‘cause he sucks. Golf is the hardest sport I have ever played hands down. It’s super easy to get into golf now though, and, while some clubs are super uptight and very exclusive, there are a lot of amazing public courses that don’t discriminate. I love seeing young fathers and their kids out there learning the game together from all income levels and backgrounds. A good athlete is a good athlete. The best clubs in the world will not make you a good golfer. Being a great golfer comes from within.

What should the future of golf look like?

24 hours-a-day golf. Night vision golf. Public courses that are really well maintained. I’d like to see an inner-city golf course, or a course that has different obstacles than what we traditionally see.

Why do you love golf?

Golf is everything. It’s the hardest sport I have ever played. Golf is a consistent tease. One day you are hitting everything just right and sinking amazing putts. The next day everything can suck. It’s how you approach every shot, strategize, visualize and attack that makes golf such a high-intensity but relaxing game. I can’t get enough of it.