Ron Moon

Photos: Helen Nishimura
Words: Garrett Leight

Mutha fuckin Ron Moon. If you don't know him then you should spend the next three hours trawling the internet for anything you can find that he's ever created. You should friend him on Facebook, add him on Twitter, and stalk his Instagram profile. I wouldn't be surprised if he's listed in the Yellow Pages, look that shit up and give him a call, because if you don't get to experience this dude in multiple ways, shapes and forms, then you just die a little less complete. And the problem is, if you're reading this, now you know. So I guess if you never knew, then you could die complete, technically. Now I understand he's my best friend, but I'm not really speaking as a best friend here. Ask anyone, literally anyone that claims to know him. Anyone that’s ever tagged him, hashtagged him, or even Tindered him. No one doesn’t like Ron Moon, fact. Quite possibly he might like himself less than everyone that has ever met him likes him, and I'm pretty sure he likes himself a lot. Of course it’s important to note that he's an aspiring screenplay writer, filmmaker, comedian, and social media savant, and you can check out his podcast, films, or get lucky enough to see him at an open mic night to formulate your own opinion on that. But if you don't outright fall in love with everything this guy does or says, you are simply an alien and I'm dying to meet you. Bottom line, you should be fucking with this dude. Extra bias in this piece, but sometimes you can just throw bias out the window, I'm right.