Photos: Joshua Spencer
Words: Tiffany Chan

Jason Jones could be in the running for most interesting man in the world. And I’m not just saying that because of his tattoos.

If you do a bit of digging around on the ole’ internet, you’ll find that he and Mike Feldman are the two gentlemen behind Parabellum, the top-notch spot for bison leather goods (think supple clutches, totes, and small accessories). I could drop a few buzz words like artisanal, heritage, and craft, but really, their vision goes much deeper than just being part of a trendy maker movement. Their thoughtfulness is holistic: using bison to celebrate Jason’s half Hopi heritage, and also for the material’s rich textures. They’re also sure to keep operations small, and the bison sustainably ranch-raised. In their own words, Parabellum is about “dreaming bigger than comfort or convenience. Their road is new and untraveled.”

Parabellum defies the tendency to get cynical while braving new frontiers. This isn’t just me saying that; upon meeting Jason for the first time at our recent Fall Holiday 2015 shoot, he introduced himself humbly and kindly – and I daresay this show of character belongs to none other than dreamers and doers: clear-eyed and still hopeful.

Below, some classic Proust with pals. Jason happily obliged.


8251 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles