Choosing Glasses for Round Faces

How to Choose

Glasses for Round Faces

If you’ve identified yourself with a round face from our Face Shape guide, you’ll have softer, curved facial features. Celebrities like Niall Horan have a similar face shape, which can include these characteristics:

• Rounded chin or curved jawline
• Wider forehead
• Fuller cheeks
• Width and length of face is proportional

To complement your face shape, look for angular frames that provide contrast, whether it’s a boxy frame or even a slight cateye. As always, fit is important — but for rounder faces especially, it is best to avoid oversized and too-tight frames.


Try on a square shape for angles in even proportions. The Brooks and Kinney are versatile classics that are flattering on round faces and come in an array of acetates. For more coverage, the Calabar is a statement sunglass ideal for round face shapes with a temple design inspired by 50s car fins and prominent plaques. For lightweight metal options, consider our new square aviator sun style, Marr, or our new optical style, Preston.

Similar to the square frame, a rectangular frame’s linear lines help to provide angular contrast. New to the lineup this season is Steiner, a 90's rectangular style sunglass that we're predicting to be the next bestseller. For a more traditional fit, consider Marco, our new optical style with a classic rectangular silhouette in a variety of acetates. For even more coverage, try the Bentley.

A cateye is a universally flattering frame because it lifts up your features. Try a slight unisex cateye like Milwood, available in both sunglass and optical. Women especially benefit with a number of cateye options including our bestselling GLCO x Clare V. collab frame or the celeb favorite, Del Rey. For an extra dose of retro glam, look to Louella and Vista, our statement winged metal styles.


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