Gaby y Lalo

Gaby y Lalo

Photos: Ana Hop
Words: Garrett Leight

The power couple of Gaby and Lalo is just getting started, and a visit to Mexico City that doesn’t include a trip to one of their restaurants is a big mistake, even if you’re full of tortas. It’s safe to say that opening a restaurant widely considered to serve the best dishes in a city of nearly nine-million people is an accomplishment that would procure satisfaction for any chef. The New York Times affirms that by acknowledging that fans of Maximo Bistrot refer to it as the Chez Panisse of Mexico City.

Maximo has basically guaranteed a lifetime achievement award and eternal culinary happiness to its proprietors. So when you consider that Chef Lalo and his wife Gaby have already moved on to establishing their second popular destination restaurant in Mexico City in less than three years from opening Maximo, it’s no wonder Lalo showed up in his apron, straight from the kitchen, for this 9am photoshoot.

Good things await you:

Restaurante Máximo Bistrot Local
Tonalá 133, Colonia Roma México Ciudad de México