Flask Mob

Flask Mob


Photos: Evan Thompson, Ian Flanigan and Jaquory Lunsford
Words: Garrett Leight

Maybe it’s the blunts. Maybe it’s the 40 ounces of Mickey’s. Maybe its for the fellowship, or just because there’s nothing better to do. Maybe it truly is for the love of photography. Maybe it’s the perfect synergy of all of those things. Whatever it is, today's creative entrepreneur doesn’t think about things like that. They are passion-obsessed, community driven leaders unwilling to sacrifice their dreams. When they can’t find what they want, they create it. When they can’t create what they want, they seek out ways to make it happen. When they don’t know what they want, they keep searching until they find something they want. And today’s Founder is damn good at finding. The mere journey to find this endless abyss of answers has opened doors that previously didn’t exist.

When Flask Mob started five months ago in San Francisco, there was no motive. Founder Evan Thompson says, “we just wanted to share secret photo spots with our friends.” Thus, Flask Mob was simply created to solve the problem (like all great ventures), how do we find more places to shoot great photos in San Francisco? This simple question spawned a movement of engaged followers that has turned into a community of inspired youth working as a cohesive unit, motivating each other, helping each other, learning from each other, all while having fun together.

I used to say it would have been cool to live in my dad’s generation and see Jimi Hendrix play Rainbow Bridge in Maui like he did. But you know what, fuck that, this so-called misunderstood generation is the real deal. The truth. The answer. The future. So pay attention people. Living your life with your lens cap on, you’re missing out on what’s right in front of you.