Clips Guide

Clips Guide

WORDS: Adam Stanton

We are living in a world full of conveniences. With flying cars and same-day drone delivery upon us, why wouldn't we want things to be as easy as possible? We all are bound to be in front of a computer or some sort of device in our everyday life, which means more and more people are in need of eyewear. This now brings many questions to the table that we have the answers for.

Now that you have your everyday eyeglasses for daily correction, how do you protect your eyes from UV rays while out running around from meeting to meeting? Prescription sunglasses can be the most obvious answer, but one that often comes as an afterthought for many patients. Transition lenses are a great option but for many they have the unfortunate downside of not working in the car. So what other options exist for prescription glasses that can be used anywhere that life takes you?

The answer: clips. They’ve have come quite a long way since you may have last seen them. Many cannot believe that after having a clip in the 90s, they would ever be cool again. Well, it’s 2018 and guess what? Clips are DOPE again. Garrett Leight has changed the game with such a simple idea: a sunglass option that snaps on top of an existing prescription lens. The all-in-one setup makes it easy to throw them on and go.

Our clips are offered for many of our styles, most in different sizes and colorways. Since I started working for GLCO, we have had some frame/clip combos that are always absolute FIRE. Milwood Pink Crystal with a Rose Gold Pink Pastel Mirror Clip? SO MUCH SAUCE I NEED A NAPKIN! Wilson with a clip is a timeless option; everyone should have at least one in his or her collection. Kinney, Brooks and Hampton all have amazing clip options and tend to be some of our most popular setups for both men and women. All GLCO clips all have a folding component at the bridge that allows for compact storage.

Did you fall in love with a GLCO style we have not produced a clip for yet? No problem at all: we can have custom clips made for any style you want. The custom clips are all traced out and made to fit any frame. But please note, the only downside to the custom clips is that they won’t fold.

The main takeaway from this guide is this: just know that clips are out there and the game has changed. It makes life easy and can add another level of style to your eyewear. And the best part is the versatility that clips offer: if you’re ever feeling like you want to change it up, you can always pull from a variety of options. Whether you’re going for a conservative office look or a surf’s-up-weekend-warrior vibe, GLCO has a clip to fit.