Chris Kronner

Bay Area Banter

Chris Kronner

Photos: Alanna Hale
Location: Oakland, California

You could call Chris Kronner an overachiever, but that would belie his strange ability to seemingly just know what people want. Yeah, he may have been crowned the youngest ever Chronicle Rising Star Chef in 2007, become the head chef of a restaurant at the tender age of 23, and open a second spot by 25, but it was his beloved pop-up, Kronnerburger, that had the entire Bay Area lusting after his rare, fatty, salty-as-fuck, dry-aged meat. For one glorious year, in a grimy club space with no windows on Mission St., Kronner churned out banging burgers while his lady, Ashley, ran the improvisational restaurant out front. The good news is that their new permanent spot in Oakland will be opening sometime in summer 2014. The bad news is that that’s still months away.

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4063 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA