Photos: Bennet Perez
Words: Avram
Styling: Lauren Paez
Makeup: Matisse Andrews
Production: Xavier Burt

Naked we belong to all, fully clothed to ourselves, but topless embraces a moment.

Does one realize their face without a mirror? How would we appear? A question demands framing as art demands a viewer. The frames are an anticipation, the creation of intention from which all action follows.

Without a barrier there is no desire. When we let desire inhabit us, we invite the world to be shaped by our vision. The gestalt then of these images is easy to assume; we are all part of the universal nakedness of humanity, but we can distinguish ourselves through a pair of

Glasses are the reconditioning of vision so as to better suit the viewer, both perceived and perceiving.

A gesture that solicits a society of their own choosing.