Anna Gray
& Jen Steele

Words: Tiffany Chan
Photos: Emily Knecht

The idea of being a girl in New York always sounds elusively cool. Like, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. It means you’ve worked hard enough, dressed well enough, and got your act together enough to be a girl living and working in New York. Unless you’re a trust fund baby, which makes it all a lot easier. Either way, you’re probably involved in some impossibly cool project with impossibly cool people, all of whom have a waiting list for brunch dates.

But maybe this is just an idea, an ideal, a fiction drawn from all over, with a lot more backstory than meets the eye.

Girls I Know, a site originally created by super talented NY gal Jen Steele and later joined forces with Anna Gray, is an ongoing project that simply profiles girls they know – backstory included. Native New Yorkers and other stateside females take turns in the hotseat, and the stories that come out of it are anything but archetypal. No matter where these girls come from or what title they hold, hearing out their stories feels a lot closer to home than you’d imagine.

While Girls I Know is back at the helm of Jen as Anna pursues other writing projects to be announced, we thought we’d turn the tables and do one last bit of Q&A with the duo. Consider this an informal Girls I Know, GLCO edition.


Check out Girls I Know in its full glory here,
or peek in on Jen and Anna's insta.

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