Photos & Words: Emily Knecht
Featuring: Ceara McAuliffe & Devon Head

I didn't realize how close Arizona was. I've driven through before, but it was never the destination. Two of the girls had never met, but conversation was easy. We didn't make it to Tucson that first night because the Grand Canyon stopped us. We asked the waitress about the number of deaths there per year. She lied to us. We researched them once we got back in the car. 12. We called the Four Seasons in Scottsdale and ended up in a Motel 6 off the freeway. We put face masks on and took #selfies. I slept poorly because that's the only way I sleep. Driving calms me down. It gives me control (my favorite) and pretty much endless possibilities. The opportunity to say yes. To keep going. To never stop. To go anywhere. Roads don't end until they do and you can always find another.