Mexico City, D.F

Photos and words: Alanna Hale

The sprawling mass that is Mexico City has plenty of space to be everything you think it is, and then it's still easily a thousand times more. Ask any local and they will say, “it's not dangerous, you just need to have your wits about you.” So if you plan on wandering around the city aimlessly trying to drink the worm out of every bottle of mezcal, then sure, you might end up in a bathtub short a kidney. But assuming that the audience who lays their hands on this magazine is significantly more mature than that, stop putting it off and get your ass to Mexico City.

To give you some perspective on what to expect, I’ll put it this way: there’s no three way marriage like that of Mexico City, California, and Spain. Which makes sense, since Mexico was originally conquered by Spaniards, but is more like a fraternal twin to the US that almost got eaten in the womb. Nonetheless, Mexico City is still Mexico City, completely original and unlike anywhere in the world. You can assume anything goes, but just like any great city, the beauty lies within the things we take for granted. The people, the weather, the nightlife, the landmarks, and most importantly the incredible cuisine. From a 10 peso taco that might not equal 25 cents on any given day to a $20 plate of gastro pub deliciousness, Mexico City has everything. It’s no wonder the economy is booming, and people are starting to take notice. Is it corrupt? Sure it is. But it’s not like you are going to do anything about it. So quiet your fear, and go check it out.

Look, if you really have to, you can do the suburban American thing (I’m super guilty of this, so I’m just saying…) and plan a week in Tulum, Todos Santos, Sayulita, or any one of the bountiful destination vacation havens Mexico offers. But any respectable Mexican will tell you, the only thing better than Mexico City is Oaxaca. For most Mexicans the beach life and the city life is complete with those two cities, nothing more. But we all know you want to party like a true goober, so it’s inevitable you will frequent Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas, but for god’s sake, spend some time in the D.F. as well.