Photos: Rick Rodney
Words: Emily Draznik

Greece has the kind of past that you read about in history books. Once a vast and powerful empire, this country has recently fallen on unfavorable circumstances since the Great Recession of 2008. In case you’re living under a rock and weren’t aware, with a quick Google News search of Greece you’d quickly grasp the current unfortunate state of its economy. Having said that, we believe Rick Rodney has accurately captured an accurate reflection of the juxtaposition between present day Greece and its cinematic past. And while Greece lays in limbo between its options to dissuade creditors, the city still awes with its one-of-a-kind magnificence.

On the top of a hill overlooking the city of Athens is where you’ll find the Acropolis. Now, while there are many acropolises in the world, only this site is commonly referred to as simply the Acropolis. One-namers seem to hold a weight of importance. That is if Prince or Madonna have anything to say about it. The Acropolis’ walls house some of the most famous historical sites in Europe. You can find both the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena within its city limits.

This famous landmark provides a backdrop for the capital of Greece. Its crumbling structures represent both the power of former Empire and Greece’s current economic woes. With an unemployment rate evening out at a staggering 25% in 2014, it’s easy to figure out that the government is teetering on default. In fact, Greece’s debt crisis is becoming increasingly more desperate. Tensions with Germany, the EU’s largest proponent to get Greece to repay its creditors, reveal themselves on the streets of the city.

Now as a fashion brand, I wouldn’t quote us to be the resident experts on the state of the European economy. But what we can recognize is what speaks to us from the art and culture still exuding from this beautiful country. Troubling times can create innovation and give tradition a fresh and modern perspective. Not to be cliche, but ultimately it is always darkest before the dawn and what emerges is a beauty that is yet to be seen. And honestly, we can’t wait to
see what happens next.