Do you have a question about Garrett Leight California Optical? See our Frequently Asked Questions below and reach out to for assistance while shopping for eyewear.

1. How do I size my glasses or sunglasses?

For help on choosing the best style for the shape of your face and the best way to size your frames, check out our sunglasses sizing page. We have suggestions based on whether your face is round, square, oval or heart shaped, as well as how to measure for your bridge, temple and eye.

You can also visit one of our retail stores for the best fitting experience.

2. How do I buy prescription glasses?

After purchasing your eyeglass frames, take your glasses to one of our flagship locations for custom fits and adjustments. Every Garrett Leight frame serves to combine our luxury eyewear styles with the perfect fitting experience. Come visit us!

You can also choose to bring your frames to your optometrist of choice.

3. How long should it take for my glasses to arrive?

Typical ground delivery takes 3–5 business days to arrive.

4. How do I return my glasses or sunglasses if I’m not satisfied?

We offer online returns on all non-custom eyewear up to 10 days from the date of receiving your order. Please reach out to for assistance.

If you purchased your eyewear at a store location, you will have to return them in person at that location.

5. Where can I buy my glasses or sunglasses in-store?

For help on where to buy your glasses in person, take a look at our store locator.

6. How should I take care of my glasses or sunglasses?

Our eyewear is created with high quality acetates and premium metals, so be sure to take care of your frames. Each pair comes with a cleaning cloth to keep the frames clear of particles and a case to store your glasses. Do not leave your glasses in your car, as heat from the car causes the acetate to warp and flex out of alignment. Be sure not to lay your glasses face down on any surfaces or to expose them to rough textures such as sand.

Do not use any chemicals on your lenses as they may strip away their coating. Use light mineral oil on metal frames to give them additional shine.

Check out our green, pink, and yellow oversized cleaning cloths; small and large hard glass cases; and our clip case.