Nikki over at Gotta Have It  is a bit of a connoisseur of all things vintage. Her Venice based vintage store has some incredible finds that only Nikki is capable of providing. So why should anyone be surprised to see her rad collection of vinyl. This past weekend, we stopped by Nikki's Venice pad to check out what she's spinning...

This is Nikki.

I've never seen this one, pretty rad cover.

Mad Professor killed it at the Dub Club about a month ago. He's stilling kicking the heavy roots vibes.

Can you guess this album?

I have no idea what these are, but those album covers tho.

All kinds of goodness over at Nikki's.

One time I was at Amoeba and this guy saw me in the reggae section and asked me, "I'm wanting to get into dub, where do I start." I handed him this and a variety of others, most notably Augustus Pablo and Scientist. Thats where you start!

Sly as in Sly and Robbie.

Killa Beez on the SWARM!

Afro Beat Vibez.

Nikki's got a little bit of everything. I'm jealous. My record collection was stolen about 5 years ago, it left me devastated. I recently started collecting again. I'm only about 5 records deep and haven't made a vinyl trip yet, but there's one on the horizon. Collecting records is very expensive, but once you've built something, it stays with you forever. Even when some thugs steal the entire thing. I can still see some of my album covers. I can't hear em', but I can see em'.

Thanks Nikki Nalepa for letting us in!

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