Its been a while since the GLCO team got together for a good old fashioned bowling night and with all the new hires, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Last week we headed over to X Lanes at the mall in Little Tokyo for a ridiculously fun evening.


Entire team pictured except, Lynn (Chief) and Heather (Operations) who left before this photo was taken, Alice (Controller) and Adrian (Shipping) who could not attend, and Jen (Sales) who is in NYC. Oh, and Angie, where did Angie go?


Karri (Social Media) was very excited about Jen's Strike.


Elena (Design) Dance moves, post strike.


Jennie (Development), Angie (Customer Service)


Julie Moon (Graphic Design) with the lefty strike.


Me with a double fist pump. I think they let me win, I always bowl the high, which doesnt seem right.


Shaun (Logistics Team Lead) is a much better bowler than me, but never beats me head to head.




Teamwork, Lynn dishing out high fives.


Lynn happy with her performance.


Bobby V (La Brea) keeps the smiles to a minimum.


Jason (La Brea) and Ron Moon (Cheerleader)


Jennie's got a little swag.


Angie leading the competitive team spirit.


Mario (Shipping & Receiving) representing the Kings who ended up winning game 7 against the Sharks later that evening, which was amazing to watch with the Kings fans on the GLCO staff.


Jordan Konow (Lab Tech) getting loose per usual.


Karri's got hops.


Jason's got style.


Gainor (Art Director) graced us with his presence, which was nice.


Helen (Content) took all these photos because she's amazing.


One Tequilla, two tequila…..Happy Cinco De Mayo.


Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots….everybody….


Rachel Hinman (Marketing) adding more lefty depth to the GLCO team.




Heather (Operations) operating and holding it down for my team.


Action shot!


I love the two handed roll.


"Over the Line!!!"

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