Our buddies over at PSS Design Cult are the real deal. About 6 months ago I heard through the grapevine that my buddy Jess Sluder had started a design firm downtown. Actually because it came through the grapevine, I'm not sure that is the real story. We went to check out the PSS studio in the arts district last week, and it was definitely special. But it didn't look like something that has been going on for only 6 months. Patch, is one of the founders, and he did say that he's been in this studio for over two years. I think the boys are just taking the next step and getting themselves out there hardcore. For lack of a better feeling on the PSS Design Cult situation, I'm choosing to use the word hardcore.

The point is, these guys are super talented, combining an incredible eye for great design and quality fabrication skills they can pretty much build you what you need from the ground up, literally.

Check out their website PSS Design Cult 

Currently, are working on them doing a little design archive for our downtown offices. They turned a super on point GLCO design that I am excited to have them complete and install in our office. 

This is Jess Sluder, and he's kind of legendary. One could describe Sluder as legendary for a variety of reasons, but I would choose to describe him that way for his masterful leadership skills as Sensei Sluder. The infamous leader of the most outlandish crew of ninjas Venice has ever seen, or hasn't seen for that matter. Five years ago, Sluder created Ninja Night. I'll let the photos do the talking…

Ninja Night 2 

Ninja Night 3 

Ninja Night 6 

Remember Big League Chew?

Also, Sluder had the best bachelor party I've ever seen on Instagram. I just had to throw that in there.

So the point is, if you need anything built, these are the guys right here. 

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