Jake Davis came into town the other day and Ryan Babenzian from Boast USA gave us word that Jake grew up playing tennis.

Garrett and I both have been playing tennis since we were about 8 years old so we immediately got excited and thought it would be fun to take him out for a game.

But instead of playing the same ol' tennis match, it felt only right to show Jake one of Venice Beach's finest public athletic institutions - The Venice Beach Paddle Tennis Courts.

Next to Miami Beach, Venice has the largest group of public paddle tennis courts in the nation and the city does a very good job with upkeep. Hence, the courts are always busy and its fun to check out all the weirdos on the boardwalk while getting some exercise in.

The game of paddle tennis is a hybrid of tennis and ping-pong. You play with a tennis ball that you must poke a hole into in order to deflate. The paddles are either made out of wood or a composite material that is much more forgiving. Wood sucks. Trust me.

After we played, we showed Jake our shop on Abbot Kinney where he got himself set up with some Brooks sunglasses in Leopard Tortoise with Pure Brown lens.

Thanks Jake - looking forward to next time!!

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