Much like every year, Munich was successful yet again. We've been lucky enough the past two seasons to get some pretty great weather as well. I always love going to this show. City is always easy to navigate, show is organized and small. I get to see some familiar faces, and it's only a 3 day show. OPTI does it right. Thanks to everyone who participated in making this a successful show. It's always great to see and party with the EU team, even if you do end up in a bush at some point in the night.

GLCO tradeshow booth on fleek.

@faithpicozzi on fleek

@francescoaiello and @mattcbauer both obviously on fleek

It never fails that IC Berlin always does the weirdest shit. Whether you like it or not, you never forget it, so I guess that's what you call effective.

This was rad, randomly saw the Kinney in DCG on the cover of a German celeb mag on Germany's best footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Went for a brisk walk in the park with Elena. Which was quite nice.

Per usual had to check out the surf. Two girls were brave enough to charge it in the chilly weather.

Palms Sun by the river.

Random nod to California.

Elena's got her poses down, and the peace sign is definitely a go to.

Magenta layered mirror coming to the Mod Shop soon.

Unmistakably European.

We went to this museum and checked out a bunch of Warhols and Kelley's. This was literally the first day and I can't remember who any of the other artists in the museum were. There was definitely a lot of inspiration floating around, but if you know me, you know art scares. I don't like to know anything because if you get into a conversation with someone who does, it's over; it seems that people who know about art, know about everything related to it. You can't just like one artist, you have to be able to compare it to like 10 artists and reference eras and shit. It's a major turn off for me. 

Exterior was rad.

Selfie kinda.

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