We recently had the pleasure of shooting with the adorable Molly Steele, who is a part time model and a full time photographer, and without a doubt she is phenomenal at both. She is the kind of girl that often gets in her car and drives somewhere, camps alone and take photos. Very inspiring to us all that live in a city and in an era where photography is so disposable. In real photography there is no hiding your talents. She shoots mostly 35 mm film and her photos don't lie. Molly's got the skills. Check out her adventures at molly-steele.com  as well as her Instagram @moristeele.


But first check out how she's living, when she's not traveling the world.  Check her out in our e-commerce photos as well!


Molly's favorite GLCO sunglass is the Washington.


A couple of Molly's photos below.


Lets hope this marks the end of the i-pod playing female Dj and the beginning of the photographer / model era. 

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