If you've never heard of the surf break Mavericks than its safe to say you have  no interest in surfing and maybe you've been living under a rock. Especially since there's now a Gerard Butler movie called Chasing Mavericks.


In the winter time, Mavericks can get as big as 80 feet and is arguably the break that put big wave riding on the map.  Mavericks is home to the annual one day invite only big wave contest featuring 24 of the worlds best big wave riders.


At times Mavericks is not only dangerous, but deadly.  I remember when I was about 14 years old hearing about Mark Foo's death, one of the world most talented and skilled big wave riders.  Recently Mavericks took the life of Sion Milosky, who you can read about here.


The break is caused by this unusually shaped rock formation that on a big day can be completely hidden under the waters surface.


Onlookers can watch beachside, or hike up the side of this mountain for the best view.


On most days its a peaceful place for locals to walk their dogs or catch a sunset.


My local friends Pat and Ashley were married on the backside of the bay 3 years ago in probably the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to.  Check out Patricks contribution to Spectacle Magazine, Los Angelenos. 


Ashley found one of these things (I forget what they are called) and it said that I was gonna be sad.


Brooks Matte Espresso  and Kinney Butterscotch in GLCO love.


I love Cali.

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