This past weekend Mark McNairy showcased his Spring / Summer 2014 collection during New York Fashion Week. This was the first sightings of the new Mark McNairy eyewear collection that we are launching this fall at Silmo in Paris.

Featured below is just a small sample of the first four frames named after cities in Mark's home state of North Carolina. We are happy to introduce you to Apex, Rowan, Hickory and Monroe.








MARC0080.450x675   MARC0136.450x675 MARC0152.450x675   MARC0244.450x675  MARC0405.450x675   MARC0544.450x675 MARC0593.450x675

The Mark McNairy universe is the perfect union between the classic timeless designs of GLCO and the inner wild child that lives within all of us. Working with Mark gives us the opportunity to express our weirdness, but still in a classic way. Mark McNairy is one of the most original people in the industry and hate it or love it, he continues to be one of the most decorated and talked about in recent years. You gotta hand it to the guy. Simple yet genius. Pusha T and Nick Wooster on your runway. You could have thought of that, but you didn't. Congrats Mark. We are excited to start this McNairy eyewear movement this fall.

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